Are Your Marketing Strategies Using Abundant and Conscious Energy?

Marketing with Consciousness

Consciousness is a very common term today expressing a centeredness about being.  So often we are humans doing instead of humans being.

One great way to accentuate your consciousness is to bring the practice into everyday activities.  The intention and objective is to make being present (i.e. conscious –intentionally being) part of the daily routine.

Work life does take up a good deal of our time.  Remembering to bring consciousness into the workplace can bring massive shifts for the energy of our planet.  Does your business reflect the inner images of abundance, and centeredness?


Marketing with Lack Based Mindset

Studying Caroline Myss Archetypes, she indicated that marketers are of the “Spell Caster” archetype.  I found that to be very interesting as the “tactics” often taught in the online marketing world could be compared to casting spells or smoke and mirrors.  I know for me, I really don’t want to be casting anyone under a spell.  One of my most important business objectives is to offer authentic services that leave people more enriched from the experience.

Often times I see conscious based businesses sending out mixed energy messages through their marketing messages.  If it your marketing is being outsourced, it very well may likely be following the standard norm, using lack based, fear based methods to market to your audience.  It creates an energy conflict and is adding to fear and lack based energy.


Abundance Centered Marketing

Part of the process we use in our blueprinting strategy sessions is we help business owners identify their marketing voice based on a number of categories including a list of archetypes.  This helps a business develop marketing messages that matches their essence, the who, what and why of their business.  The process of identifying your archetype helps you get a very clear visual image of the “who” and “what” of your business.

Marketing today can be very confusing and overwhelming, but it starts with energy.  Using conscious energy to intend and set your goals and then using conscious marketing messages to attract your next clients are just some of the ingredients to building your EPIC –Energy Process Inspiring Creation!

I recommend using abundance based messages and invitations and consciously avoiding the lack and fear based strategies. Is your marketing message empowering others around you or is it adding to messages of fear and lack? If you would like to find out if your marketing strategy uses conscious practices, contact us for a marketing consciousness review.

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