Is Fragmented Marketing Stunting Your Business Growth?

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As a technology marketing consultant, I observe the marketing practices of many businesses. Fragmented marketing efforts are common, and ultimately affect the overall marketing results. I think one of the reason I see much of the fragmentation is because of fear.

People who own businesses manage so many things that keeping up with technology is like trying to outrun a cheetah. There are so many so called experts in the marketing arena today, that a business owner’s most daunting task is “who the heck do we listen to?” Simple, ask the marketer how they are measuring their results.

I manage marketing accounts –and our first focus is not always social. Marketing is not a “one size shoe fits all” and yet that is exactly what I see 98% of businesses do. Having a strategy first sets the target and then provides a roadmap to marketing success. It’s all about your business. It’s not about the technology. So many business owners sacrifice their identity to jump on the next technology shiny object bandwagon. After awhile, many businesses abandon their efforts and sometimes sacrifice growth in the reflection of confusion.

Marketing Technology Confusion

The multitude of technology confuses and overwhelms people in their marketing efforts. Technology becomes the focus of priority, instead of their business or their next client. There are so many marketing technologies, but they are not all the same.

Using the technology as stand-alone objects has extremely little value. Additionally, not optimizing these technologies for maximum results means a significant amount of business that is left on the table.

The saying I don’t know what I don’t know until I didn’t know it really can be demonstrated with these marketing practices—businesses do not have any idea how much business they are leaving behind.

Strategy and measurement are some of the keys to successfully marketing your business. It is absolutely imperative to know emphatically if what you are doing and is working to achieve your objective (the intended goal behind the activity).

Data always tells us a story. I advise you to follow the data. Buyer beware! I constantly see marketing tactics (which the word in and of itself is not friendly) like the one below sold to unsuspecting business owners. A client of mine received this email:

Buying fans and follows

The reality is having 1000s of likes and follows is not highly likely to increase your bottom line.

While it is important to be properly presented and actively posting and engaging on social sites, it is important to know that social media marketing is much like offline networking.

It’s a way to get your name out there and be part of the online community, but it is not a strategy that is used to grow your business quickly. It is a strategy to build brand and make relationships. The numbers always tell the story, we always look at numbers. Below is an excerpt from a report we utilize to provide us with a data snapshot of online marketing efforts of a business.

Social Marketing is about engagement.

The key here is that social media is only one piece of a balanced marketing strategy.

Best practice social marketing focuses on engagement -not likes and follows.

Shout marketing is not engaging. Providing quality content and interacting with your audience will yield the best return on your social marketing investment.

Moving away from shout based marketing or unintentional marketing starts with understanding and identifying your marketing intentions. Blind promises with no proof in numbers or what “numbers” will do for your business is like putting a blindfold on, taking out your wallet and guessing how much you might spend for one new client.

Marketing starts with conversation.

You are the professional in your business -we are the professionals in marketing.<
Strategize your social marketing?
Let’s have a conversation. After all, marketing is really just about conversation.

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