Marketing Diagnostic

Looking for more customers?  How effective are your marketing efforts?  Are you achieving your desired results?  Is your marketing delivering a return on your investments?  Discover the weak links in your marketing.  Get your Marketing Diagnostic, take the guess work out of it.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Intentionally believes every single thing you do to market your business should have a very specific intention behind it.  Marketing starts with strategy.  All the big and fancy computer stuff will not produce results you are looking for if you do not start with proven strategies.

Reputation Marketing

Reputation is everything and your online reputation matters.  Do you know what your customers are saying about you?  A review is not a testimony.  Perspective consumers are looking for reviews… what others are really saying about you, your products and your services, on popular online review sites.  Find out how your reputation is doing – and remember, not having any reputation is not much different than a bad reputation.  Consumers want to see positive reviews. We have a patent pending system that helps businesses create and market 5 star reputations.

Local Search

Does your business offer a product or service to your local community?  If you are not optimizing your local search presence, your giving your business away to your competition.  Click here to see your local search efforts results.  We have a patent pending system that can help maximize your local presents and bring you to the top of the local search results in your area and industry.

Mobile Website

Mobile sites have become the latest craze. However, when you look at Google and follow their “best practice” requirements, Google is looking for “responsive websites”. The main reason Google prefers responsive sites is because often times, mobile sites become stale and static. While some industries can be best served with a mobile site, often times a website built to be responsive across all platforms is the best solution. We can help you determine which solution is best for you.

Mobile Marketing

There are several aspects to marketing via mobile.  We start with setting up a strategy that best suits your marketing objectives.  Some of the technologies we integrate include:

  • SMS Text Messaging Marketing
  • QR Code Technologies
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Coupons

Build your business to its next level by using mobile to market.

Website Marketing

Your website is your signature.  What is your website saying about your business?  More importantly, what does Google think about your website?  Did you know that many of the free tools prevent you from ever being seen by Google.  So if I don’t know your name or your business name can I find you in search?  How targeted is your message?  Are you using “buying” keywords?  These are just some of the pieces to consider when building your website.  Let us blueprint your website marketing strategy and then build you the site.

 Social Reach

 Social media has grown 712% since 2005.  66% of adult internet users access social media.  The problem is social media and its use for business is severely misused.  Utilizing best practices in setting up and managing your social networking is critical to your marketing strategy.  We can set up your social media position you strategically socially to grow your business to its next level.

Social Media Campaigns

Keys to using social are knowing how to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.  Each aspect of your marketing must start with strategy.  We can help you strategize campaigns based on your goals and objectives and then provide the implementation services to achieve those results.

Social Media Training

If you have a sales staff and you haven’t invested in training your staff to market for success with social media, you are missing countless opportunities to connect and engage.  Understanding the essentials of social media are keys to sales success.  Let us train your staff on best use and best practice to using social media for sales success.