Understanding Best Practices Marketing Strategies

There is no shortage of marketing advice today it abounds everywhere. I can easily say marketing advice is treated more like an opinion than a fact. The truth of the matter is marketing is all about strategy. I always ask people, would you take financial advice from just anyone? Why then would you take your marketing advice from anyone? A best practice marketing strategy would be to identify key people whom you will take your marketing advice from and follow them closely. That is exactly what I do, because not everyone gives good advice.

So what is “best practice”? Its a simple concept, but that I can compare to a “black box”. Best practice is like standards, but I hesitate to use that word because best practices are not as documented or regulated as standards. Best practices are more tried and true processes that yield best results. Best practices in marketing ensures that you get the best return on your marketing investment. When technology is implemented without best practices, click through opportunities are lost. No click through means no sale.

When it comes to business marketing strategies, small businesses have become so truly confused in their marketing efforts. Most businesses are spending time running after the shiny technology objects, or learning that one last piece of technology that has promised to bring them the goose that lays the golden eggs. Technology keeps changing, so in effect, the process is never finished.

Let’s look at this concept by looking at Google, because a majority of the sales process on the web starts with search. Our research and insights indicate that most people still go to the search bar first to find (research) information on a product or service. This is the research phase. When a buyer then is ready to “buy” they might cross over to the social sites to see what others might be saying about the product or service.

The key take away is if you don’t come up on page one in the search results, you will never be one of the candidates under consideration. Here is the Ah-ha moment… Utilizing “best practices” through out your technology will help edge your information closer to the top of the first page of search engines. The key is knowing how to implement the necessary best practices to increase your odds at showing up on page 1 of search.

The golden marketing message within the best practices concept: “You can purchase all the shiny objects, and set up all the free tools. If they are not optimized with best practices, you are most likely spinning your wheels and are not going to see much of a return on your investment –whether that be time, money or other resources.”

So before you run after another marketing adventure, or learning the latest buzz in technology, step back and think about how are best practices going to be utilized in this process and will they together provide you the expected results. Remember, always marketing intentionally!

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